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“The Art of Aging: A Doctor’s Prescription for Well-Being” by Sherwin B Nuland

Published: 2007

Pages: 302

Summary:The Art of Aging” is a book that describes how to handle aging and death with grace, happiness, and productivity. Nuland first defines what it physically means to age, and then connects that definition to potential choices one could make to ease up some of the physical burdens in late life. The author proceeds to share the details from the lives of various elderly people who chose to make aging into an art, often circling this choice around continuing work, looking to realms of faith, and maintaining general positivity. Nuland ends the book with advice about staying healthy for longer and current research that focuses solely on extending the lives of the elderly

“The Art of Aging” is useful as a positive resource for those dealing with aging or terminal illness, such as people with HD or their caretakers. The book references real-life people who faced severe illness, death of loved ones, and general financial challenges in the light of growing older. Nuland especially focuses on ways to stay productive and joyful during one’s later years, as well as how to adjust to unavoidable changes in the body and mind. “The Art of Aging” serves as a good, gentle beginning for those, such as HD patients, who have to start thinking about end-of-life issues.

CMB 05/21/2013