Drugs and Supplements

Welcome to the “Drugs and Supplements” section of the HOPES website! There are two ways to find articles about drugs and supplements that are being investigated as a treatment for HD:

In addition, please check out our updated Huntington’s Disease Scorecard, which contains information on drugs and supplements by stage of development.

The “Drugs and Supplements” section of the website focuses on identifying and explaining the current research on various potential treatments aimed at stopping the progression of HD. We must make it clear that HOPES does not advocate the use of any of the therapies described without the consent or approval of a doctor, and cannot provide medical advice of any kind. However, we do hope that patients with HD, their friends, and their families will ask doctors and HD specialists about both the possibilities presented here and any new developments in this active area of investigation.

Articles within this section will frequently use the terms “treatment” and “cure.” Please note, though, that the word “treatment” must not be confused with the word “cure,” for there is currently no medical cure for Huntington’s Disease (HD). However, while no existing drugs can actually stop or reverse the neurological degeneration that HD causes, most if not all HD patients can benefit from the management of certain symptoms associated with HD, such as chorea, psychosis, and depression.