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HD in the Media

Welcome to our Huntington’s Disease (HD) in the media section of the HOPES website!

Despite the fact that many people are not completely aware of HD and how it works, the disease has become one of the favorite “dramatic diseases” of mainstream news media and the entertainment industry. References to HD in popular culture include, but are not limited to, books (as evidenced by our site’s Literature Corner), television shows, films, radio programs, and newspaper articles.

The purpose of this section of our website is to approach all depictions of HD in the media with a critical lens media outlets often dramatize their depictions of medical conditions in an attempt to draw in viewers and readers. Symptoms are portrayed as much worse than they are in reality, incorrect diagnoses are provided, and false information is presented to audiences around the world.

To correct these misconceptions, members of the HOPES team will be going through various depictions of HD in the media to determine what aspects of HD are presented properly and what aspects are misrepresented. This section includes a synopsis of the media’s depiction of HD as well as a discussion of whether it was realistic and medically accurate.

While there are instances in which the popular media can be a helpful and accurate source of information, we hope this section of the site will remind you that is important to be cautious when obtaining your facts from these sources.

Feel free to use the site’s Contact Us form to provide us with the names of television episodes, movies, documentaries, etc. that you would like to see reviewed for this section.

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-R. Reddy, 7-10-13