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"Understanding Behavior in Huntington’s Disease" by Jane S. Paulsen

Published: 1999

Length: 46 pages

Summary: This book breaks down some of the more difficult behavioral issues associated with having Huntington’s disease and suggests several approaches to solving them. After describing how HD affects brain circuitry as the disease progresses, Paulsen connects problems such as apathy, impulse control, and irritability to the neurodegeneration she previously explains and to emotions and circumstances that could further influence behavior. Paulsen breaks down these approaches into steps or stages and frequently uses lists, definitions, and metaphors to clarify potentially complicated or upsetting situations that occur. The author also uses fictitious characters in hypothetical situations and examples throughout the book, demonstrating the implementation of methods she lists for understanding difficult behaviors. Overall,”Understanding Behaviors in Huntington’s Disease” is a useful resources for families and caregivers of HD patients, as well as doctors that desire to recommend appropriate advice about typical HD behaviors.

CMB 02/26/2013