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The Troubled Helix: Social and Psychological Implications of the New Human Genetics edited by Theresa Marteau and Martin Richards

Published: 1996

Length: 359 pages

Summary: The Troubled Helix compiles research from across the scientific spectrum to give a thorough account of how human genetics influence people in the modern age. It begins with the personal stories of those who have been impacted by genetic diseases, such as Huntington’s disease, to first and foremost reflect upon the fact that genetics affect everyone. The book goes on to cover genetic counseling, pre-natal screening, genetic testing, and diagnosis, as well as social issues surrounding genetics such as eugenics, feminism, and racism. The Troubled Helix references scientific studies from a variety of fields to explore social and psychological aspects of genetic diseases, as well as the occasional study that heavily involves biology or chemistry to further understanding.

This book is useful as a reference guide for a lot of topics that relate to Huntington’s disease, as it frequently uses HD directly as an example. It uses real studies as a resource for each subject, so it is both reliable and heavy with specific data. Personal stories and theories make The Troubled Helix more readable to the average person curious about the human genome, making it helpful for HD patients and caregivers that seek knowledge about how getting tested for HD can change their lives.

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