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"The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Huntington’s Disease: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age" edited by James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker

Published: 2002

Pages: 206

Summary: “The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Huntington’s Disease” is a three-pronged guide to learning more about Huntington’s disease. It includes basic information about HD (what it is, how it is inherited, etc.), resources that contain more advanced HD information, and useful appendices with advice on how and where to research specific topics about HD (medications, nutrition, etc.). Each chapter has a helpful glossary of HD-related terms used in the chapter. This book is full of websites, book references, and tips for finding out the most about any subject related to Huntington’s disease, so it is a useful guide for any doctor, HD patient, or HD caregiver.

CMB 05/21/2013