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Media Files: Getting the Appropriate Plug-Ins

Some of the content at HOPES can only be viewed in certain applications separate from the usual web browser. Because most of these programs are designed specifically for web use, they are often referred to as "plug-ins" because they usually install a small program that can operate directly within one's browser if asked to do so.

If you are having trouble viewing certain content or files at HOPES, you likely do not have the appropriate plug-in installed. Also, be aware that plug-ins often go through revisions, so a plug-in that you thought was already installed may be out of date and require updating. The table below lists the all of the plug-ins that you may need to view HOPES content correctly.

Maker / Program File Type Get it here
Macromedia  Flash .swf (presentations, videos) Get Flash
Adobe  Reader .pdf (documents) Get Adobe Reader
Microsoft  Windows Media Player .wmv (videos) Get Windows Media Player
Apple  QuickTime .mov (videos) Get Quicktime
Microsoft  Word .doc (documents) Must be purchased**

All of these plug-ins are available for most current operating systems for both PCs and Macs. Nearly all are provided for free unless otherwise stated. Also, many of the plug-ins will open other file types besides the one(s) mentioned. Consult the appropriate websites for more information.

Feel free to contact HOPES with questions or comments. However, we emphasize that we are not computer technicians and can only provide some support for plug-in issues.

MS Word is not a free plug-in and cannot be purchased. However, nearly all current word processors have some translator that allows you to view .doc files.

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Last Modified: 8-01-04