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"Huntington’s Disease" edited by Gillian Bates, Peter Harper, and Lesley Jones

Published: 2002

Length: 558 pages

Summary: “Huntington’s Disease” is a compilation of descriptions of many kinds of research being done in relation to Huntington’s disease. The book categorizes the sections into clinical aspects, genetics, neurobiology, molecular biology, and therapeutic aspects of HD, as well as having a special section on other polyglutamine diseases. Typical explanations of research findings include good introductory references, an abundance of charts, tables, and diagrams, and conclusions explaining why the hundreds of research ideas mentioned are relevant to the progress of finding potential treatments and cures for Huntington’s disease.

This book is useful as a tool for more advanced personal research by patients, families, caregivers, or even physicians for information on what the scientific community is looking into in terms of Huntington’s disease. It goes into immense detail about how this polyglutamine disease is different from others and why it is so tragically harmful in the brain and body. The organization of “Huntington’s Disease” is ideal for looking up specific questions about HD rather than acting as a guide to read in full in one or a few sittings. It is truly excellent for the curious scientific reader interested in HD.

CMB 03/04/2013